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Hello! It’s time to update my current reading list. I’m still working my way through The Stand by Stephen King. It’s an excellent read, but it’s heavy stuff (plague killing off most of humanity and all) and it’s a whooping 1,100+ pages! It’s a bit daunting to read just that so, in between, I’ve been reading Books of Blood by Clive Barker. It’s a collection of his short stories. If you like horror, but you’ve never read Clive Barker (the mind behind the movie Hellraiser and the novel it’s based on), I highly recommend it. Midnight Meat Train and Yattering and Jack are my favorite stories so far. Finally, I’m three volumes in to the comic book series Something is Killing the Children by James Tynion IV. Come for the fantastic story telling and stay to drool over the wonderful artwork.

What are you reading? Something that makes you think? Something that makes you cry? Something that makes you shiver and glance over your shoulder?

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