I’m a scientific writer living in a nebulous point near a vast ocean. When the sun sets, I transform into a writer of all things creepy, weird, and fantastic. From time to time, I’ve been known to put down my laptop or books long enough to explore the beaches or mountains with my significant other and our large, goofy dog.

All of my finished stories are posted here as well as on reddit. All stories on this site belong to me; you may link to them, but please do not copy them.

You can find narrations of some of my stories here. Give them a listen and let these talented narrators know you appreciate all their hard work! If you want to narrate any of my stories, you’re welcome to do so as long as you credit me (Elle Ravenswood – Elle is pronounced like the letter L. Please use she/her pronouns and link to this website). To help you choose, stories are tagged at the end by word count: flash fiction (<500); short fiction (501-1500); extended fiction (1500+). Please let me know when your narration is done so I can add it to my ever-growing list.

Enjoy the imaginings of my fevered brain!