Currently Reading

When I write, I tend to work on a couple of stories at a time. Switching between stories gives me time to step away from one story long enough to try and see it with fresh eyes without slacking on writing. When I read, I also tend to tackle several books at a time. Some days, I feel like reading horror. Other days, science fiction or fantasy. Some days, when my attention span is shot, I just want a bite of a short story.

I recently decided to read more books that have won the Hugo Award (the literary award for best science fiction or fantasy). On that note, I’m reading The Sirens of Titan by Kurt Vonnegut. I’m co-reading Hangsaman by Shirley Jackson and Around the World in 80 Days by Jules Verne–not Hugo award winners, but good reading all the same.

On deck, I have the uncut version (a whopping 1300 pages!) of The Stand by Stephen King. It’s been gathering dust in the corner for the past year and a half because I just couldn’t bring myself to read a novel about a virus that wipes out most of humanity during an actual pandemic. Go figure.

What are you reading?